Source code for tributary.streaming.output.kafka

import json as JSON
from aiokafka import AIOKafkaProducer
from .output import _OUTPUT_GRAPHVIZSHAPE
from ..node import Node

[docs]def Kafka(node, servers='', topic='', json=False, wrap=False, **producer_kwargs): '''Connect to kafka server and send data Args: node (Node): input tributary servers (list): kafka bootstrap servers topic (str): kafka topic to connect to json (bool): load input data as json wrap (bool): wrap result in a list interval (int): kafka poll interval ''' async def _send(data, topic=topic, json=json, wrap=wrap): if ret._producer is None: ret._producer = AIOKafkaProducer( bootstrap_servers=servers, **producer_kwargs) # Get cluster layout and initial topic/partition leadership information await ret._producer.start() if wrap: data = [data] if json: data = JSON.dumps(data) # Produce message await ret._producer.send_and_wait(topic, data.encode('utf-8')) return data # # Wait for all pending messages to be delivered or expire. # await producer.stop() ret = Node(foo=_send, name='Kafka', inputs=1, graphvizshape=_OUTPUT_GRAPHVIZSHAPE) node >> ret ret.set('_producer', None) return ret